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Why Lot 189? Why French Island?

Lot 189 is a plot of land that stretches around the southern side of French Island, in yellow in the above map. ... Read more
The Native American name for this part of the island is "Matewanikanok", Place for Tanning Hides. This use of the southern part of the island took advantage of the open area and access to the refreshing breezes of the river. ... Read more
The land was abandoned in 1930 and the city made no attempt to seize it then. After 30 years the State of Maine could have claimed it as an abandoned Transit Line. They, like the city, did not do the paperwork. ... Read more
Lawyers for the city eventually admitted they did not have a title to Lot 189. They incorrectly claimed the title to the land did not exist. City Council took their advice, unfortunately. In an action that was not announced to known parties of interest, the Council condemned it on August 19, 2019. They then used eminent domain laws to claim ownership of the land. ... Read more
It is clear that the City was given faulty legal advice, as a title and map of the land in question is printed on this site. The point is that Union Land Company was the last legal owner of Lot 189. Read more
Concerned citizens are requesting the City Council to stop the process of seizing land and make arrangements with those landowners who have legitimate claims to the land. Want to stay informed?

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