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Lot 189 is in yellow. 3.15 acres that spreads over the southern tip of French Island. The tax map lists the City of Old Town as the owner, but this is incorrect. The previous owner of the land abandoned it in the 1930's. Landowners in the orange lots have a claim on this abandoned land.

The land that became Lot 189 was home to a small mill operation next to a rock dam built on the rapids there. The need to haul off the lumber from the mill made the Transit Line a reasonable assignment for land use in the 1902 survey by Sewall.

This is a map referred to in the deed of Union Land Company's purchase of the southern potion of French Island in 1898.

By 1900, the industrious Mr. Sewall had marked out the lots on this section of French Island. Business was good (see here). Most of the lot layouts have stayed the same, though they are all numbered differently today.